Pamela H. in Willowbrook, IL

My dear friend has been RAVING about Derek from WIZ Plumbing for a long time, but I had “a guy.” Well, my guy wasn’t available so I called WIZ . Derek came over ASAP and told me exactly what was up, and told me to have my guy come back and fix it. HE DID NOT CHARGE ME! What a gem! And my dogs loved him. It’s always a good sign when your dogs love someone coming to work on your house, right? So, as my friend has been saying for years: 1. He’s super honest. 2. He will not rip you off. 3. He thoroughly explains everything going on — not in a talk-down-to-you-how-could-you-not-know-this kind of way, but in a “Hey I love plumbing and I really want you to understand this!” kind of way. 4. He is super fast, i.e., he gets to you as soon as he possibly can. 5. He has a great personality — friendly, easy-going, etc. because he clearly loves what he does, which is just a delight