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Pipe Repair Clarendon Hills, IL

Leak Locating

Fast, expert diagnosis of the source of any leak – even behind walls and underground. We can then suggest a range of possible solutions. Our fully insured and friendly professionals can answer any questions you may have.

Copper Repiping

A significant upgrade to many plumbing systems is copper Re-piping. Re-piping can resolve many common pipe problems prevalent with older types of piping, such as leaks, problems with water pressure or rust-brown colored or poor tasting water. Call today for a FREE estimate for your home.

Frozen Pipes

If your pipes have frozen here in Clarendon Hills, we can help. We will also minimize and contain any damage to the pipe that occurred while it was frozen.

New or Replacement Pipes

If you need new or replacement pipes Clarendon Hills, IL, or are installing new appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines, we offer a range of fast and cost-effective solutions to suit you.

Water Pressure Problems

Have you been experiencing problems with intermittent or low water pressure? Wiz Plumbing can help.

Loud Pipes

Are your pipes, making noises when you turn your taps on or off, or your dishwasher or washing machine is running? We have a simple solution for you.

Compliance with Codes & Regulations

It is not uncommon for home-sellers to discover that their water pipe systems fall foul of local building codes or regulations. We can help you keep or make your building code compliant. If you are buying a property, our experts can provide a written independent opinion of its compliance with local codes.

Rust-brown or poor tasting water

Upgrading your corroded pipes can resolve any problems with rust-brown or poor tasting water.

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