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Drain Cleaning Clarendon Hills, IL

When it comes to plumbing problems, nearly every homeowner has experienced a clog in their drain. Hair, grease,
 food particles, and foreign objects cling to the sides of drains and over time a clog begins to form. Clogs can happen in any drain from the kitchen sink to the bathtub, but no matter where you have a clog in your home; Wiz Plumbing can clean and clear your drain line.

Common signs you need drain cleaning Clarendon Hills, IL

Slow drainage

Multiple clogged drains

Unpleasant odor

Recurring clogs


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Common Drain Problems

Difficult Clogs: When a sink or tub begins to backup, most homeowners reach for the nearest “do it yourself” drain cleaner without another thought. Not only do these cleaners rarely take care of the clog for good, but repeated use could actually cause corrosive damage to your pipes. Instead of having to deal with the same clog over and over again, trust Wiz Plumbing to rid your drain of the clog completely! Our professional, licensed plumbers have the tools and skills to get into your drain line and clear it of whatever obstruction may be preventing it from draining properly.

Foul odors: Foul odors aren’t exactly uncommon in the bathroom, but if your sink or tub has a persistent stink, the source of the problem may be located within your drains. Decaying food in a kitchen drain or sewage buildup in your pipes can cause the drains to emit unpleasant odors. A Four Seasons drain cleaning will eliminate this smell. However, odors can also be caused by a sewer trap that is stuck open. If this is the case, Four Seasons will figure out why you trap is not closing properly and repair the problem so that harmful sewage gases are kept out of your home.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sewers But Were Afraid To Ask

Different Types of Sewer and Drain Lines

There are many different types of storm and wastewater pipes for a home, which are listed below. Each type of piping system can have its own unique drainage problems requiring different methods to maintain the lines and clear stoppages.

Reasons for Line Stoppages

There is many ways in which either a sewer or drain line may become stopped up. Additionally, some of these reasons explain why we cannot guarantee a completely free flowing drain and or waste line after rodding work has been performed.

• Lavatory waste lines
• Toilet waste lines
• Shower waste lines
• Tub waste lines
• Kitchen sink waste lines
• Catch basin with internal discharge routing
• Catch basin with external discharge routing
• Grease interceptors
• Laundry waste lines
• Laundry tubs
• Stand pipes
• Lint traps
• Floor drains
• Vent lines & vent stacks
• Storm sewer lines
• Footing or drain tile
• Sump pump discharge lines
• Window well drain lines
• Downspout lines
• Area yard drain lines
• Sanitary sewer lines
• Underground sewers
• Overhead sewers
• Flood control systems
• Garage drain lines
• Triple basins
• Combination sewers Sewer Illustration


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The truth of the matter

• We cannot control how fast tree roots grow into a sewer line.
• We cannot control how much grease from a kitchen sink goes down a line.
• We cannot control the improper use of a garbage disposer.
• We cannot prevent mud or yard waste from entering sewer lines.
• We cannot prevent feminine hygiene products and other improper items from being flushed down a line.
• We cannot prevent a sewer line from collapsing.
• We cannot prevent improperly piped sewer and drain lines from stopping up.
• We cannot prevent an already broken sewer line from stopping up by catching waste flowing down the line.
• We cannot prevent the freeze-thaw cycles from heaving the ground, causing a sewer line to sag.
• We cannot prevent a sewer line from sagging, thereby holding waste material, which builds up and stops the line.
• We cannot prevent a line from being stopped up from a back-up in a city sewer line.
• We cannot prevent the swing check in a backwater valve from becoming fouled with regular sewerage waste.
• We cannot predict when or prevent a sewer with a large stoppage or line break from ensnaring or breaking our rodding cables.
• Nor can we prevent any combination of the above items. 

Wiz Plumbing and Sewer Is Your drain Cleaning and Clearing Expert!

There is no clog too big for us to clear, and we have a solution for even the foulest of odors. Like nearly all plumbing problems, drain issues will only get worse the longer they are ignored, so take care of the problem today! Call Wiz Plumbing 24 hours a day to schedule your drain cleaning and repair service.

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